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Autism Support

Empowering, Elevating and Embracing Autistic and Neurodiverse Abilities

At Align Ability, we believe in the innate potential of every individual. We recognise and respect that Autistic and neurodiverse people bring a vibrant tapestry of experiences, perspectives and abilities to our community. Our commitment is to journey alongside them and their loved ones, ensuring they have the support, opportunities and resources to thrive.

Empowering Individuality

Every Autistic person is unique. Our Align Ability team doesn't just acknowledge this individuality; we celebrate it. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding the needs, preferences and aspirations of each Autistic person differ. Guided by this philosophy, we tailor our support to align with each individual's personal journey, enabling them to pursue their goals with confidence and dignity.

Championing Neurodiversity

We take pride in being an inclusive and neurodiversity-affirming organisation. Neurodiversity is not just a buzzword for us; it’s a lived experience and ethos. Our founder’s personal experience with neurodiversity, along with that of many of our team members, reinforces our commitment to championing the unique perspectives and strengths of Autistic and neurodiverse individuals. Their voices enrich our services, prompting us to continually evolve, adapt and innovate.

Comprehensive Support for All Ages

Though many of our clients are young people, our services aren’t constrained by age. Whether you’re seeking guidance for a young child developing essential daily living skills, a teenager navigating life transitions, or an adult looking to live a fulfilling and independent life, Align Ability is here to help. We extend our support to loved ones too as we understand the importance of a nurturing and understanding environment.

Life is filled with challenges, goals, opportunities and, at times, barriers. For Autistic people and their families, navigating this path can sometimes feel overwhelming. Align Ability is her to partner with you and your loved ones, offering expertise, understanding and unwavering support. Let’s work together to create communities where every Autistic individual can live their most able life.

Align Ability Services for Autistic Individuals

Our support services draw on research, best practice, and firsthand experiences and are designed to uplift, empower and enable.

Mentorship and Peer Support

We believe in the power of shared experiences. Our mentorship services connect Autistic individuals with mentors who have a deep understanding of Autism and Neurodiversity, and who take the time to understand your journey. Through regular one-on-one sessions, our mentors provide advice, guidance, share personal experiences, and offer a listening ear.

We have seen how transformative a positive bond between a mentor and mentee can be. Our Mentorship and Peer Support services emphasise relationship-building, ensuring that every participant feels valued, seen, and understood.

See our Mentorship, Peer Support, and Life Transition PlanningPage for more information.

Skill development

Our skill development support targets essential life and daily living skills, and can be fully integrated into your day-to-day routines, helping to build you, or your loved one’s confidence and independence.

See our Skill Development & Trainingand Assistance with Daily Living pages for more information.

Community Access

Engaging in our communities can be as exciting and challenging as it is essential. Our community access support aims to introduce our Autistic clients to a range of activities, events, and experiences outside of their usual environments; while respecting, encouraging and celebrating unique interests.

We understand the sensory and social challenges and barriers that some Autistic individuals might face in community spaces. To ensure both safety and ease, our team accompanies participants, respecting their pace and comfort level; providing support, reassurance, understanding and guidance as they explore new surroundings and experiences.

See our Community Access and Social Participation page for more information.