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Skill Development & Training

At AlignAbility, we help young people live their most able lives. Our Skill Development & Training services are one example of how we do this.

We can help you to work towards goals around developing independence, building confidence and learning everyday life skills. Life skills are the secret ingredients that enable people to adapt and engage in positive behaviour while navigating life’s ups and downs. By supporting you to develop your skills in problem solving, communication, critical thinking, social interactions, personal care activities, daily living activities and more you’ll be ready to face life’s challenges and opportunities.

Our top priority is ensuring both physical and emotional wellbeing for our clients, while learning and mastering important life skills.

As a result, our clients are able to safely travel to various community locations (whether that’s by foot, bike, or public transport), they find ease in social situations and they build confidence in choosing, preparing and cooking meals.

We can also support you to engage in daily exercise, meditation and relaxation programs. Developing independence in these key life areas can give you a huge amount of fulfilment and freedom, and we can’t wait to see it!

Skill Development & Training supports can be accessed through Capacity Building - Increased Social and Community Participation